Lefkada Island-Greece’s Best Kept Secret

17th Mar 2014

If you are looking for a paradise away from home, an escape to a modern-day fairy tale, look into traveling to Lefkada Island. Lefkada is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, nestled in the heart of Greece. The island is connected only by a long causeway and a floating bridge to the main part of the area, so it is far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, but with easy access to all the amenities. It offers the best of both worlds, being closely oriented to all of the amenities and activities you could want, while offering a sweet retreat away from the rest of the world. Lefkada Greece is a great escape from the stresses of life, for a honeymoon, second honeymoon, or family vacation. It offers some of the most beautiful scenery and environment you could ask for when traveling abroad.


Even though the Lefkas area is private and remote, you have easy access to the Aktion National Airport, fine dining, and plenty of places to shop. It is only about 20 minutes by automobile from the airport and a mere few minutes drive to several places to shop and spend the day. It also offers easy access to some of the most popular beaches in the area. Lefkada beaches are legendary among locals, as well as visitors traveling from other countries and they offer opportunities which are second to none.


Lefkada beaches

Lefkada beaches

Lefkada is most know for its exotic, beautiful beaches along the coast of Greece, including Athani Beach, Ammoglosa Beach, and Nikiana Beach, all within a few miles drive from the main city. There are pristine views of the crystal clear water, diving and snorkling opportunities, evening beach walks, and other activities, which make the beaches one of the most coveted parts of the area. There are water sports facilities in many areas and plenty of opportunities to take lefkada photos to bring home after your vacation and share with friends and family. They’ll envy you when you tell them about your many adventures and activities all along the coast of the legendary Ionian Islands.


If you are looking for reasons to visit Lefkada, here are some visitors cite as their favorite activities:

*Boat tours on the mighty Odyseeia

*Tour a replica of an ancient Greek war ship

*Explore the ancient city of Nirikos

*Swim under the legendary Nidri waterfalls

*Shop in high-class malls surrounding the area

*Fine dining and excellent accommodations

*Stay in the popular lefkada rooms close to the coast

*Photographers like the Lefkada photos they can get to add to their professional portfolio

*Participate in water sports like never before in several beach locations along the coast


Whether you are a professional photographer, a local tourist, or traveling from another country, the Lefkada Island area offers something unique for everyone to take home with them. Lose yourself in luxury by staying at one of the well-known Lefkada rooms or resorts lining the beachfront. Visit one or all of the famous beaches. Each ones is different and unique in its own way and each has something different to offer the vacationer looking for the perfect vacation experience.


lefkada villa

There is so much to do, see, and experience in Lefkada, it would be easy to leave something out. We recommend getting a Lefkada map of the area before you visit, so that you can plan your trip and write down a different thing to do each day. With so much to take in, visit, and accomplish, you will love the adventure, and you’ll want to do it all. The main thing is that you enjoy yourself when you visit, and go home with an experience you will never forget.


So if a paradise location is what you’re after, and you’re thinking of coming to Greece, consider the Lefkada Island location first. It has everything you could imagine in environment that will immerse you in some of the most beautiful views you have ever seen, while offering some of the best amenities within easy driving distance. Come see what you’ve been missing when you visit Greece by visiting he Lefkada Islands first. The only problem is, once you’ve experienced it, you many not ever want to go home again.