Plan The Perfect Get Away with Private Tours in Santorini

29th Jan 2015

Santorini is a beautiful island, popular for its unique architecture and rich culture. Become one of the many who travel to the Greek island every year and experience the wonders that it has to offer. With such beautiful views and attractions, you don’t ever want to miss a moment. For many, traveling to the island is a long plane ride, so it’s best to take as much of the Santorini experience with you.

Whether it be a family vacation or a romantic getaway, the island has a long list of activities to offer. It is best to schedule private tours of the island to get a better grasp of everything in the time you have. Since there are so many activities, it is key to have a plan. Santorini Private Tours offers this to you. You can be sure to capture the best aspects of the island, hassle free. The best restaurants, wine tastings, and archeological sites will be offered. You can customize your own itinerary and explore what is most important to you.


Places To Visit
The Active Volcano
The island of Santorini is known for many things, but one of the most popular attractions is the volcano. This can be seen in the bay and makes for a stunning picture. When traveling to the island, the active volcano will most likely be a backdrop in most of your photos. The volcano,the Caldera,can easily be visited and added to Santorini Private Tours. The smaller islands in the bay can alsobe visited by boat or ferry. The agricultural island is perfect for hikes and has stunning backdrops for pictures.

santorini photo tours

Archeological Sites
If you love to indulge yourself in history, Santorini has much of this to offer. Many who are on Santorini Photo Tours place a spot in their itinerary for this. The ruins of Akrotiri is a popular site. The reason for such popularity is the meaning behind it, as it is believed to have inhabited the people of Atlantis. Photos will be nice here as it will seem like you are excavating. These are great pictures to bring home to showfamily and friends.

Shopping & Restaurants

Among the benefits of Santorini Private Tours is the access to popular shopping areas and restaurants. You can visit the shops in Thira and explore the items that you want to take home with you. From photos to souvenirs, you will want to take a piece of the island with you, and everything from clothing to ceramics can be bought here. There are also many wineries to visit, and wine testing’s on the tour. You can choose from multiple wines to buy and bring home with you.

There are much more options when you visit the Greek island, like visiting Oia Village, Red Beach, andthe culturally rich museums. When scheduling your private tours, you will be introduced to many of these options. Great memories can be made there, Santorini Photo Tours and Private Tours are there to help you capture those great moments.